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No matter what you're craving, we've got a dish that will please. From traditional BBQ to offbeat combinations like Matador Nachos or Davila's Frito Pie, scroll through our menu and feed your curiosity, then let us feed you. Don't forget you can order for delivery or mail order using the links at the top.

Davila's Mains

The classic dishes that have been a staple of the Davila's menu from the start.

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    Mesquite Smoked BBQ by the pound

    Your choice of beef brisket, pork ribs, lamb ribs, southern fried catfish, turkey breast or ham Comes with pickles, onions, sauce, bread
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    BBQ Sausage

    Fresh Link$4.29|
    Davila's legendary sausage links
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    BBQ Chicken

    When you've had enough of fried chicken, then Davila's has something that might satisfy your hunger.
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    Davila’s Small Family BBQ Order

    Looking to feed a hungry family? This includes 1 pound of beef brisket and two pint size choices for sides. Pinto beans, potato salad, cole slaw, green beans, mac n' cheese, Spanish rice or creamed corn.
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    Davila’s Large Family Order

    When you've got a really hungry family, then this bigger bundle can satisfy. It comes with 1 pound of beef brisket, 1/2 chicken, two handmade sausage links, and two quarts of sides. Pinto beans, potato salad, cole slaw, green beans, mac n' cheese, Spanish rice or creamed corn.
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    BBQ Plates

    You can go with single, combo or trio meat plates with your choice of beef brisket, chicken, sausage, pork rib, lamb rib, turkey breast or ham. Add two sides from a list that includes into beans, potato salad, cole slaw, green beans, mac n' cheese, Spanish rice or creamed corn.
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    Fried Catfish

    Fried Catfish Plate$13.99|
    Family Order$29.99|
    If you're feeling a little fishy after a meat overload, we've got just what you need.
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    Fish ‘n’ Shrimp

    Fish-N-Shrimp plate$15.99|
    Shrimp plate$13.99|
    Single fried shrimp$0.99|
    By their powers combined...
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    Handcrafted Sandwiches

    Square Loaf$7.99|
    Po'boy on bun$8.99|
    Big Boy on bun$13.49|
    We've got three different styles available for those who fancy a sandwich, with your choice of sausage, brisket, chicken, turkey or fish
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    Davila’s Burgers

    Double Hamburger$9.49|
    Triple Hamburger$10.99|
    1/2 Brisket Burger$10.99|
    + Cheese$.50|
    + Bacon$$1|
    We've got four options designed to sate the biggest hunger.
  • Turkey Leg

    Turkey Leg$12.49|
    Sometimes you've got a hankering for a little turkey in a big ole leg. We've got you covered.
  • Wings

    Everyone love wings, and Davila's is no exception.
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    Brisket Grilled Cheese

    Brisket Grilled Cheese$9.99|
    Who doesn't like grilled cheeses? And who says they're only for kids menus?

Davila's Spinoffs

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    Matador Nachos

    What do you get when you cross your traditional nachos with Davila's BBQ? You get the only nachos that can keep Seguin Matador fans happy.
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    Brisket Taco Special

    Grab two brisket tacos and a drink for a special price.
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    Brisket Frito Pie

    Take your Frito Pie and add brisket
  • Baked Potato

    Do you want to do something with potatoes other than tots or fries?
  • Lamb Barbacoa Tacos

  • Ranchero Taco


Davila's Sides

  • BBQ Sides

    Single serving$2.99|
    1/2 pint$4.49|
    Whole pickle$1.49|
    Your choice of pinto beans, potato salad, cole slaw, green beans, mac n' cheese, Spanish rice or creamed corn in four different sizes.
  • Fried Sides

    Your choice of French fries, onion rings, tater tots, okra, hushpuppies
  • Chips

    Lays, Cheetos, Fritos, Lays BBQ and Doritos available
  • Beverages

    Imported Beer$3.49|
    Domestic Beer$3.25|
    Bottled Drinks$2.99|
    Canned Soda$1.49|
    Gallon Tea$4.99|
    Large drink$1.99|
    Regular drink$1.49|
    Something to drink?
  • Bottled Water


Davila's Desserts

  • Banana Pudding

    A Texas staple and a BBQ favorite
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    Big Red Cake

    Two great tastes that just go better together. What's better for the Texas summer heat?
  • Peach Cobbler

    Single Serving$4.99|
    Cobbler and BBQ just go perfectly together

Seasonal Fare (Not always available)

  • Big Tex

  • Hawaiian Burger

  • Corn in a cup

  • All You Can Eat Fish

  • Pulled Pork Cuban

  • Mole

  • Pulled Pork Tacos

  • Barbacoa

  • Chili Cheeseburger

  • Chicken Fried Steak

    When you're looking for something a little different...
  • Capirotata

  • Fish Tacos

  • Spicy Sausage

  • Crawfish

  • Whole Turkey

  • Turkey and Dressing

  • Chili